About Tori

I was born and raised in Southwestern Missouri and moved to the St. Louis area in 2010. I attended the Healing Arts Center and became a Licensed Massage Therapist in 2013. The Healing Arts Center forever changed my outlook on life and personal healing. I realized the need in my own life for Massage Therapy and bodywork of all types. I feel that massage is one of the most beautiful and harmonious exchanges of love and positive energy that humans can have. In 2016, I became a Certified Aromatherapist. Currently I am continuing with the Advanced Aromatic Scholars Program from the IDA, School for Aromatic Studies. One of the amazing things about being a Massage Therapist is the constant state of learning within my practice. I believe that essential oils and Aromatherapy blend naturally with Massage and Bodywork.

I have a firm belief that the body has the amazing ability to self-heal and find balance through using a variety of bodywork. Massage Therapy being one of the most relaxing and rejuvenating of them all. A great massage therapy session should, calm the body and mind by bringing you to a meditative, relaxed state, optimal for healing. I have found that with the help from a variety of essential oils and true Aromatherapy during the session, this healing state can be achieved quicker, and can last longer.